Anusha Bhushan and the Success Story of Smoodies

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Smoodies, a brand of 100% fruit smoothies, first of its kind, is all set for modern trade in India.

Overnight success and innovation has paved the way for Smoodies to become the fastest growing fruit smoothies company in Bengaluru, all set to spread its wings PAN-India.


The Genesis of  ‘ Smoodies ’ –

Anusha Bhushan reminisces how the brand was born on her humble kitchen counter. A student of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta created opportunities as an Investment Banker and as a Management Consultant. It also brought with it, multiple years of long-hour desk jobs. That got her thinking about the necessity of easy and convenient nutrition for the working professionals like herself. Thus, Smoodies was conceptualized to bring affordable health to consumers, particularly the time-crunched but health conscious consumer.

“There would be several mornings, where I used to wake-up and see I don’t have a single piece of fruit in my fridge, that I hadn’t had any fruit in the last couple of weeks because of significant time crunch.. That was when my interest in health food space was born. “– Anusha, Co-Founder & CEO of Smoodies

The Incredible Journey –

“ The journey so far has been fantastic. We have created these blends ourselves and we feel passionate about the product that we have taken to market. It’s been brilliant to see the kind of reception that we’ve received from consumers too. A bottled smoothie today is altogether a new category and it’s been great to see that consumers are ready for it.“

Name : Anusha Bhushan
Position : Founder
Company : Smoodies
Website :

Smoodies was launched towards the end of March 2016, though its product development started in October 2015.

USP of Smoothies –

“ Fruit the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit ”

When you go to a restaurant and ask for a smoothie, you are most likely to get something with milk, sugar and possibly made out of concentrates and syrups. Whereas, when you pick up a Smoodie bottle you know it is 100% fruit in there with no sugar and preservatives,
Our internal process is designed to minimally process the fruit, to maintain the freshness of flavor and aroma, but to also get you the convenience of a 1 month shelf life. In the next couple of months you will see a few new flavors from us in the all 100% fruit range.

“ Tell me about your journey and your team”

Crucial to us today is the team and the passion it brings towards solving problems. My co-founder Siddhartha Deb is a close friend from our days at IIM Calcutta together, and our Founding team member Palack Waney has been part of Smoodies right from when we were developing the product. The three of us have made a close knit team that has really enjoyed figuring out how to set up this business from the ground up. What keeps us going so strong is that all of us at some point in our lives have felt the need for a solution like Smoodies for the busy working professional, and it is extremely fulfilling when customers write to us telling us how much they appreciate having a product like ours in their fridge.

Expansion plans –

We are currently based in Bangalore, and are in 85+ stores across the city.

Smoodies in Mumbai –

We have recently started our journey in Mumbai, and so far so good! After having established a good footprint in Bangalore, we look forward to doing the same in Mumbai!
Expanding distribution channels and coming up with additional variants is also on the radar for 2017.

Association of Equinox with Smoodies –

“When we started out with Smoodies, we were looking for an advisory service that could give us a 360 degree view on product development and its impact on shelf life and nutrition. We spoke to a number of testing labs, before reaching out to Equinox and we’ve been really happy with the level of service and the advice received. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else but Equinox.”
Equinox is proud to associate with the first Indian Fruit Smoothie brand in the market. We wish them all the very best for future endeavors!

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