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With Yoga Bars, Suhasini and Anindita revolutionize the idea of health, food and nutrition…

The Idea behind Yoga Bars –

Yoga Health Foods was started in 2014, by two sisters, Suhasini and Anindita Sampat, which has today turned into a successful healthy snacking company, based in Bangalore.

The idea was born when Suhasini and Anindita were working in New York, which has a diverse market for on-the-go energy and snack bars. Before Yoga Bars, Anindita worked at Ernst & Young, whereas Suhasini was in the middle of an exchange programme at Wharton Business School. Suhasini would regularly travel between Philadelphia, where she studied and New York, where she lived. “My sister would give me these energy bars for the journey, which were extremely filling,” says Suhasini.

Their experience in America compelled the sister-duo to look at this energy snack business more seriously. After visiting places like Whole Foods in New York, they realized that there were many good food alternatives, which could be produced in India as well. Again, they wanted to set up their business in their own country, because they could not find any healthy options here.


The gap in finding affordable healthy snacking options

Looking at the retail shelves there’s a gap when it comes to healthy, tasty and affordable snacks. And that it is the lack of better options that lead people to make bad choices when it comes to packaged foods. Suhasini and Anindita feel that food is an area that people should not be compromising on – and they need to be able to understand and trust the food that they eat.

“For the past few years a lot of things have changed around us for the better. But an area where the Indian consumer lacks is in the convenience eating space. What we eat is so fundamentally important to our well-being, yet it is an area that we compromise on because of a lack of affordable better options.”

What goes into your favorite Snack Bar?

These genuine healthy nutrition bars are essentially made up of oats, dates, cocoa, almonds, cashews, amaranth, flax seeds, chia seeds, honey, other dried fruits, nuts and seeds. No chemical or artificial flavors used. They use only ingredients which people can see, understand or pronounce. When it comes to sourcing, the key principles they use the best quality ingredients which often lead to sourcing directly from the farmers.

Name : Suhasini and Anindita Sampat
Position : Managing Director
Company : Yoga Bar
Website :

“Our approach to creating the bars is to stay simple in the ingredients and straightforward with communication. We use Ingredients that people can relate to as ‘good for you’ ingredients.”

– Suhasini Sampat, Founder Yoga Health Foods

The snack bar contains about 150 – 170 calories, 3-4 gms of protein per serving, a good percentage of dietary fiber, healthy fats (PUFA, MUFA, Omega 3s) and antioxidants. They contain no hydrogenated oils, no processed sugars (white sugars, high fructose corn syrups), no artificial colours or flavors and no chemical preservatives. The ingredients have been chosen to give sustained energy release rather than a candy bar like immediate sugar rush. These bars work really well to replace a missed meal or as an in between snack.

Yoga Bars stands for: energy, calm, love, taste and good health

Why the name Yoga Bars –

“Suhasini and I have practised Yoga for several years now and that has influenced us, especially when setting up the company and how we approach product development. One aspect which holds very strongly with us is that yoga is a continuous practise. It is not so much about the perfect pose as it is about the journey in getting there. And that’s what Yoga Bars is about – making that small change which takes you to a better place.” – Anindita Sampat, co-founder

Equinox and Yoga Bars –

Anindita and Suhasini said, “It is important for us that our customers continue to trust us and we enrich their lives by staying true to the promise of honest food. We are working hard to innovate. We are looking at other challenges that people face when it comes to food next step is also addressing deficiencies in our diet that can be made good by natural food.”

Equinox labs facilitated us with various services like Nutritional Labelling, Shelf-life Analysis, Water Testing, Air Testing, Swab testing and Label Validation etc.

Equinox is proud to be associated with Yoga Bars we wish them all the best for years to come and want them to be continually inspired by good ingredients that impact on long term well-being of their consumers.

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