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Drinking Water Monitoring

Human health and livelihoods depend on clean, reliable water supplies. Monitoring water quality is an important part of helping us determine whether or not we are making progress in cleaning up our waterways. It reveals the health and composition of drinking water at a snapshot in time. There are many processes that take place before drinking water reaches the faucet and testing all of these, from the watershed to the distribution system.

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Industrial Water Monitoring

Many industrial processes create potentially harmful wastewater. Industrial businesses must treat their process wastewater before discharging it to the municipal water systems or the environment. Industrial wastewater treatment regulations ensure that industrial wastewater does not pollute the environment or burden municipal water treatment facilities. Water quality monitoring can help predict and learn from natural processes in the environment and determine human impacts on an ecosystem.

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Borewell / Tanker Water Testing

Water contamination as a result of lack of testing can tarnish a land value, economic development and the quality of life which can be hazardous. Contaminated groundwater is more often than not difficult to clean. The frequency of water testing depends on factors such as the potential sources of pollution and the type of well. The color and smell of water do not necessarily play as an indicator of water contamination. The only right way to be sure is to get it tested.

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Construction Water Testing

Maintenance of water quality in construction is important. The damage of unregulated water used is clearly visible and can lead to deterioration of building fairly early. Presence of impurities in water for concrete mix leads to a decrease in structural properties of concrete such as strength and durability to a large extent. Water governs the hydration of cement, strength, workability and overall durability of concrete. The durability of concrete is one of the important properties of sustainable concrete. Water from the municipal source needs to be tested once in six months.

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