Vendor Management

Vendor Management is a complete onboarding and operational process for food vendors serving Food Businesses and Corporate Companies.
This collaborates Hygiene, FSSAI Compliance and the latest technology to deliver the best results and improved solutions.
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What does Vendor Management comprise of?

We assist with the selection and onboarding process of vendors for you, based on their level of compliance with FSSAI regulations and amendments.
Overall management of the Vendors onboard in terms of Training, FSSAI Compliance, Infrastructure, Food Safety Inspections and Consultation.
Vendor scorecards help assert the hygiene standards of the vendors as identified during inspecting the premise hygiene standards and the food handlers.
We ensure the supply quality of the raw and semi-processed food products is best and maintained throughout the supply contract with the vendor.
We conduct regular vendor audits and inspections to make certain Good Handling/Manufacturing Practices and presence of Hygiene in the premises.
We identify the non-conformities and ensure they are worked upon in a stipulated time period, following the government line of operation.
We conduct FoSTaC trainings, online and offline Seminars as well as, provide courses, both in-house and on-site for Vendors.
Our goal with FSMS is targeted towards enhanced consumer health, be it corporate employees or food business customer.

The Misconception

Vendor Management is only required for big MNCs and Food chains, as it is a burden for small businesses.

The Fact

Vendor Management is an important part of FSMS, required for both Corporate Companies and Food Businesses of all types.

The Solution

Adoption of Vendor Management improves the Quality of the Food produced/served, Hygiene standards of the place and Consumer Health.

Benefits of Audits and Inspections for –

Food Manufacturers:

Good Quality Supplies

Hygienic Food Handlers

Increased Customer Visits

Enhanced Brand Equity


Improved Employee Health

Increased Company Productivity

Hygienic Food over Roadside items

Control over Standards adopted

Importers & Exporters:

Increased life of food product

Trained Food Handlers

Fewer Product Recalls

Compliance with FSSAI

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