Karan Rathod and the Success Story of Ushvina Foods

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In a candid discussion with Mr. Karan Rathod, Co-Founder of Ushvina foods, he tells us all the events that built up like a lego unit to make the business see the light of success..

An upcoming need in the market for frozen business growing rapidly is the reason behind the genesis of Ushvina Foods. “I wanted to get into this business because while I was studying in the UK, US and Switzerland we used to eat frozen Pizzas and Pastas on a regular basis. That need was a gap; the product was not available in the Indian market and here the options were nearly not available. Hence, this business,” says – Karan.


“Ushvina Foods is a manufacturer of Frozen foods, mainly Pizzas and Pastas.”

It started at the end of year 2014 and at the start of 2015 we formed a company only after doing a pilot project. These two years have been fabulous.

“Ushvina Foods deals largely with frozen pizzas and pastas”. They did begin with Indian Patti samosas as well, but the demand for the same wasn’t as huge as the former mentioned products.

They have recently launched their pizzas and pastas at Hypercity, Big Bazaar, Nature’s Basket.
Their types? “Veg Supreme, Margaritas, Three Cheese, Paneer Tikka Pizza, Spicy Cocktail Pizzas, and we also do Contract manufacturing for other brands as per their requirements. We are about the re-launch Lasagnas, stalled earlier due to technical glitches”
The company ran a pilot project during their launch, by asking people to taste their products. “You see, a basic marketing strategy as such, helps us get a much-needed feedback, while allowing people to know we are in the business.”

Name: Karan Rathod
Position: Co-founder
Company: Ushvina Foods
Website:  www.ushvinafoods.com

In 2015 January, Karan launched the company, waiting to understand it’s value and need in the market.
While speaking of challenges, Karan speaks about a problem, which still remains in the backdrop.
“One, in modern trade, an enormous listing fee is levied, which sometimes, companies or rather start-ups like us, struggle to pay just to get listed in the stores. Second, managing costing was extremely difficult, since our extensive marketing included people trying our products. It becomes challenging if you are a startup with no funding.”

Our moment of pride arrived when Ushvina signed its first contract with some of the massive conglomerates of the food industry. Also, we relish when our customers say that we always keep a stock of your pizzas.
Karan beams with pride when asked what sets them apart. “Ushvina foods is a small family. The team’s oneness with the product helps the product stand out in terms of quality and technology used to manufacture it.”
The company is at an expansion stage, moving to a larger factory, along with innovating and improvising on the line of Pizzas. This growth will prove beneficial in developing new products and get new clienteles on board.

On Customer Feedback –

“Customer feedback is of utmost importance to us. We devised our entire marketing plan around it. I personally stand at stores to get the direct feedback from customers whoever tries our pizzas and pastas and have inculcated them in our product-line.”
Ushvina Foods highly prioritises safety and hygienic standards. “We make sure that our teams use proper uniforms, gloves, face masks, and hairnets and clean equipments on a regular basis with IPA.”

About Equinox –

“I heard about Equinox by word of mouth as one of the best testing companies. Once associated, I liked the concept of being assigned to a Customer Executive or a Relationship Manager. This gave us the confidence we needed through one point of source of contact.”
“We regularly seek Microbial tests, which gives our customers the confidence in our products. Highly recommend the lab to all my colleagues in food business”

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