Rupali Ambegaonkar and the Success Story of Tea Culture of the World

Serendipity is the best form of Awakening, and one cannot be a better example that Ms. Rupali Ambegaonkar, former Medical Practitioner and now, CEO and Tea Sommelier – Tea Culture of the World.

“All of this started in 2010 when I was looking out to do something apart from what I have studied. For some reason, I didn’t feel like going back to what I was doing earlier. During one of my visits to China, I came across a variety of teas and was even gifted one by my friend.”
Who knew a sabbatical would lead one to a beautiful journey. Not an avid tea lover, a chance preparation of one of the Chinese teas from the gift lead Rupali on a new voyage!

Tea is a passion, a mesmerizing habit. She realized she needed the quality and taste again, but could not find it in India. Finally, after constantly asking her friend to send her some, she herself visited the tea estates and decided to start her own firm – The Iron Buddha Company, named after the tea she first tasted.
She then studied the teas available globally, which were synonymous with the cultures they came from. What better way to bring them together!

“I opened myself to the ‘Tea Culture of the World’.” – She proudly smiles!

One will be surprised to learn that Tea Culture of the World offers around 160 varieties of tea, which includes Green teas, White teas, Oolong, Black, including herbs, spices, fruits, berry flavors etc. that they blend themselves.

“We are launching 10 teas out of which five are basic teas like Black tea, Masala Tea, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Tulsi, and Mint. We are soon going to launch a new range of signature teas like flowery Bokeh and Detox and Oolong Tea”

‘Chai Bechegi?’

Name: Ms. Rupali Ambegaonkar
Position: CEO & Tea sommelier
Company: Tea Culture of the World

Technically a 6-year-old company, the first year was filled with challenges, especially perceptive ones from the family. Being a medical practitioner, the concept of selling tea wasn’t exactly ‘liked’ by people.
During the initial two years, Rupali spent her time studying about teas, and well, acquiring degrees on it.
‘You can’t simply be passionate about something if you want to start something professionally.’

Tea Culture of the World launched a small sample of tea bags and started selling them to retailers for tasting. Their products got listed immediately! Slowly, came the first shop and within 5-6 months Tea Culture of the World was present in 14 stores.

When asked about challenges, she was quick to state the lack of awareness of the product and finding customers who believe and are willing to pay for them.

Customer feedback is integral to Rupali. “There are several positive and negative feedbacks too, but we look into each and every customer feedback and resolve them personally. There are times when I call them and address their problems.

Highlights of Tea Culture –

“Packaging, the choice of best leaves, customized brewing method, preparation and shelf life of the product, along with our approach towards the product, since we have a distinguished palate for our teas. Like, whenever someone tastes our green tea, bitter is not the adjective that they will ever use.”

Food safety and Hygiene –

It is the base of any food product and remains unbeatable. An integral part of our processing, we absolutely don’t compromise on it. We stand true to our claims of benefits and the nutrients it contains.

Equinox Labs was referred to us by a friend. Since then, it has catered to all our Testing and Compliance-related requirements. I feel one aspect of my task is already sorted and taken care of. Highly recommend to all our colleagues!

Equinox Labs thanks, Tea Culture of the World and for trusting us with their safety and hygiene domains.

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