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A Health and Wellness venture finds the way to ensure quality, gaining the confidence of its patrons in the process

How it all began

Why should good health and nutrients be so difficult to get?
As an answer to this question, Shaan Marker and Zubin Nalawalla came up with the idea of SuperFit Asia – A unique Health and Wellness Partner that provides handpicked products & services that help its members stay healthy.

SuperFit Asia had a very soft launch in August 2015 by Zubin and Shaan, with a really enthusiastic team of people who shared their passion. It’s been ten months since the company’s inception, and it has been making waves already!

“Rising need of an integrated Health & Wellness partner!”

With growing lifestyle diseases in the urban areas, health has now become a major concern for working professionals. But hardly anyone has the time and resources to engage in exercise or cooking elaborate but healthy foods. Unhealthy snacks have become an inseparable part of our daily routine now.

“For licensing, product approval validation or as an advisor no other Lab is as proficient as Equinox.They are experts in FSSAI Consultation and provide custom made solutions as per our needs.”

And that’s what SuperFit Asia want to change. Their goal is to mitigate some of the major health risks that are part of living in congested cities like air & water pollution, radiation from mobile towers, sedentary lifestyles, depleted nutrient density and increased chemical content in our diet, lack of open spaces, stress and anxiety.

“We are offering customized, verified and cutting edge solutions. Instead of a long list of products, we recommend the best product for you”-
Shaan Marker, Co-founder SuperFit Asia

Name: Shaan Marker and Zubin Nalawalla
Position: Co-Founders
Company: SuperFit Asia

“What’s on their platter?”

There are three main categories – Health food, Wellness Products and Lifestyle services.

Within health foods, they have healthy snacks products that people can easily have at workplaces. It’s not an entirely new product that the customers have to try, but just a healthier option. So you don’t have to add a new product to what you are having in your breakfast or lunch, it’s just that you are buying something from your kitchen because it is going to make you healthier and make your lifestyle better and cleaner.

Under the Lifestyle products SuperFit has a range of products like Greenis Cold-Pressed Juicer, Bamboo toothbrush, Organic candles, anti-pollution face mask, coffee machine and more. These cater to those who want to make conscious attempts at improving their health.

They also provide Wellness Products, ranging from Herbal products to Nutritional Supplements. And all of these are made with authentic and organic products to ensure good health of customers.

Spreading their wings

They are making a mark already, and are now looking to expand their reach across the country and the world.

“We are looking to launch more of services and expand the current range of products. In a nutshell we would like to know it as a company providing healthy products and services and that will be our core objective.”

Shaan Marker, Co-founder – SuperFit Asia

They are aware that not everything works in all geographical contexts. They want to make a global impact, yet stay rooted to India. Their objective is to understand the customers and make tailor-made recommendations.
All the products at SuperFit Asia are curated and handpicked – in fact, they handpick the products themselves, taste the products and do quality testing for all the products for their consumers.

“We ensure that people are accessible to healthy snacks that people can easily have at their workplaces, there are healthy kitchen foods where we convince people to shift from a particular brand of products to healthier version of same product”

Zubin Nalawalla, Co-founder – SuperFit Asia


The Equinox Advantage

Equinox provided guidance to SuperFit Asia in two aspects – Consultancy for Licensing and Product Approval Validation. It is very necessary for food businesses to understand the new norms of food safety and how to follow them, and to procure FSSAI License. SuperFit Asia know that well, and they’re glad they approached Equinox Labs for it!
Equinox is glad to be associated with SuperFit Asia and help them serve personalized services and high quality to their valuable customers. We wish them all the very best!

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