Paulomee Mehra and the Success Story of Studio Nuts

With unique handcrafted recipes, this family-owned business started out with its fresh and delicious range of gourmet nuts

Launched eight months back in mid-2015, these flavored nuts are beautifully zip packed to retain its freshness and rich taste which surely aren’t your normal nuts! Gently hand-roasted and covered with original flavors and seasonings, it all started off with a thought of making something that is not available in the market. “We thought we could make something which doesn’t exist in the market and that is how I gave it a shot and started making flavored nuts at home. It turned out pretty well and it can now go on and on.” the soft-spoken Paulomee Mehra, Founder – Studio Nuts shares her story, with a pleasant smile.

Studio Nuts aren’t your normal nuts! It specializes in unique flavored cashews, roasted almonds, pistachios and peanuts, with 8 different flavors.

Gently hand-roasted and completely covered with seasonings, each of our products are hand crafted at home. They are a true gourmet food delight made with lots of love! Sure to please every nut lover!
Paulomee Mehra, Founder – Studio Nuts

Unique flavors and taste makes Studio Nuts popular among everyone. The Italian cashews will add zip to your snacking time! Another unique and popular flavor is the vanilla cinnamon and honey roasted almonds using organic honey.

“Equinox is proud to have been of help to such a unique brand called Studio Nuts. We promise to help them move ahead with more innovation in the coming years & wish them all the very best!”

“In a place where people are used to salted cashews and plain roasted almonds, having them accept modern flavors was the biggest challenge. So changing someone’s taste is difficult and making them accept the product is even more difficult. Getting quality ingredients is also a big problem. Currently we have restricted the flavors to specific nuts like Italian Cashews and Vanilla Almonds”
Says Paulomee.

Upcoming plans

Studio Nuts will be launching three different flavors which will be limited edition nuts – made available only for that specific period of time.

Name: Paulomee Mehra
Position: Founder
Company: Studio Nuts

Mukul says, “A food product is only a success when it moves you and if you taste our product and it doesn’t move you, I suggest you not have it. We never wanted to make Studio Nuts an ordinary kind of product; Studio Nuts is all about making an ordinary product into something very exciting by putting a lot of passion and effort into it.”

“People tend to finish half a kilo of cashews in minutes; it has become candy floss for the grown-ups. Everyone kept on asking for more and then started paying for it. That is how it evolved as business because everyone is willing to pay for it.”

Paulomee Mehra, Founder – Studio Nuts

Importance of Customer feedback

Customer feedback has always been very important to them. They continuously plan to implement changes and modify the flavors. So every time they launch a new flavor, it has a lot of planning and experimenting in the back end. They are now waiting for the import standards to solidify and might then think of starting import.

Designed to suit every Indian’s taste buds!!

Indians like punchy flavors and they have been seeing it served at restaurants and food joints. So they wanted to find a balance between the tastes of the consumers and the flavors that they could offer. For example, Mexican food is supposed to be very spicy and with their flavors, they have toned it down. Whereas, the Italian flavors are considered to be very bland hence the team at Studio Nuts has changed it accordingly.

Hygiene and Food Safety comes First!!

Hygiene and Food Safety plays a very important role when it comes to food manufacturing businesses because they believe that if the product is unhygienic, then you don’t have a product, the product doesn’t have a shelf life and you don’t have a brand that will last long.


“I googled ‘Food testing labs Mumbai’ and observed that instead of it being a regular run of the mill promotional testing laboratory site, it had a lot of technical information too. After going through the site, I got associated with them. Since then, it has been a great association and we look forward to many more years to come.” says, Mukul Mehra – Business Head, Studio Nuts

Equinox has acted as a guide and mentor for Studio Nuts; it has helped them a lot on the hygiene. They have recommended testing services of Equinox to other food businesses as far as microbial testing is concerned.

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