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Premium Tofu makes one of the healthiest, low fat & low cholesterol tofu

Premium Tofu Mfg. Co. LLP was started by two partners; Mrs. Vidiyaa Maloo and Mrs. Jyoti Jain in February 2012. It is made as per the 200 year old traditional Japanese methodology to ensure a fresh and healthy tofu and it is soon going to be one of the top companies in the field of manufacturing & distribution of Tofu under the brand name ‘Ai’.


200 year old traditional Japanese methodology

Abhay Jain, CEO of Premium Tofu said “One of my friends who is a Japanese Tofu expert has been producing authentic tofu in Thailand and Osaka in Japan, inspired me with the idea of making India Tofu as per Japanese standards. He assisted me for two years and now we’re manufacturing tofu in India too”.

“While thinking of getting a product tested and for licensing, I can think of no other lab than Equinox.”

Premium tofu comes in five varieties like Kinu, Momen, Abura Age, Aastu Age and Oboro. Kinu, an authentic Japanese style tofu is also known as silken tofu as it has very soft texture. Momen resembles to milk paneer which is popularly known as ‘Cotton’ or ‘Spongy’ tofu. Abura Age is the main ingredient for making Inari Sushi used in vegetable salads and soups.

Astu Age is a fried tofu that makes a great addition to soups and stir fries. One can just roast it and consume by sprinkling salt, pepper powder. Lastly the Oboro Tofu is a soy bean curd which can be consumed like Yoghurt or is a key ingredient for making healthy and tasty Salads, Mousse, etc.

Name: Abhay Jain
Position: CEO
Company: Premium Tofu Mfg. Co. LLP

Kinu Tofu is most loved tofu among the entire range at Premium Tofu.

Tofu in India is similar to the other South – Asian countries like Thailand and Japan. Premium Tofu is manufactured in India using the traditional Japanese method and yet maintaining high quality, standards and freshness. Conveying the consumers that tofu is healthy, tasty and provides ample nutrition to people of all ages.

The major challenges

Initially the biggest challenge was a direct competition with imported tofu and the Indian one’s. However, they are associated with five star hotels, restaurants and high – end retail outlets like Foodhall, Roman Stores, Modern Stores, Dorabjee’s ,Yamatoya and Global Foods.

Japanese and Koreans living in India are fond of Premium Tofu and also few leading Hotels like Grand Hyatt, Ramada, Four Seasons Hotel, Ling’s Pavilion and a Japanese Restaurant – Kofuku have praised their quality. Some of the leading actors, top industrialists, high – end retail food outlets like Haiko supermarket and Foodhall have recommended Premium Tofu.

“Every time Premium Tofu goes to the leading restaurants, retail outlets or is consumed by our end consumers, is a proud moment for me” – Mr. Jain – Premium Tofu

“Equinox Labs is a one stop shop where you get all the licensing and other services for product approval. While thinking of getting a product tested and for licensing, no other lab is as beneficial as Equinox.”

Equinox has helped Premium Tofu with Product testing, licensing, and getting the FSSAI License since the day 1.

Equinox has helped them to accomplish their passion of distributing Premium Tofu through various channels in order to make Fresh Tofu available for everyone.

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