Nilgai Foods Success Story



Nilgai Foods established PICO as a retail brand celebrating what India can offer in an innovative way after consulting Equinox

Arjun Gadkari and Abhay Jaiswal founded Nilgai Foods which manufactures gourmet packaged foods like jams and chilli sauce under international-standards. A complete range of retail products having more shelf-life were launched in Oct, since then there’s no looking back for Nilgai Foods.

Extracting flavors of India

NILGAI’s most popular product is PICO Bhut Jolokia – India’s Spiciest chilli sauce.
Main focus of Nilgai foods is jams and chilli sauce. India grows a variety of chilies which was one of the reasons they chose to use local produce as people in India love experimenting with their tastes.

“Equinox’s professional standard has been an exclusive technical support for Nilgai Food products like its Shelf-life testing, nutritional break-ups.”

Excellence in store

The products at Nilgai absolutely do not have added flavors or colors. Some of their products don’t have any preservatives in it; the jams contain more fruits, less sugar. PICO has two unique vegetable jams including the Red Pepper Jam & a sweet chili base including tomatoes, ginger and garlic in it. They use natural ingredients like Vinegar, Sugar or just heat-filling and capping. They use 100% natural tomatoes for a sauce by pulping them raw which gives improved unique taste, color and experience.

“As a brand we are all about innovation.” quoted Arjun Gadkari (President), Nilgai Foods.

Name: Arjun Gadkari
Position: Founder
Company: Nilgai Foods

Nicole, Corporate Chef & Head of Product Design has invested a lot of thinking and research into the products that lead them to discover and innovate around abundant raw materials this country has. Nilgai makes the spiciest chilli sauce out of Bhut Jolokia which was declared as the hottest chilli in the world in the year 2011.

They use raw Alphonso mango pulps for making jam and Totapuri mangoes to make a sauce by using various ingredients from all over India and tapping it with their resources.

“We believe in being innovative and keep people’s taste buds in mind while launching any new product in the market.”

“When you taste a real PICO sauce, you don’t just taste what’s on your tongue but it’s a whole experience of what you see and smell, shape of the cap and the whole new experience of it.”

– says Arjun Gadkari, co-founder of Nilgai Foods.


Equinox helped Nilgai Foods in improving their safety standards

A lot of safety standards used in the factory in terms of uniforms, caps, safety shoes, boiler suits, masks, sanitizer. They are getting more automated now with the use of labeling and bottling machines etc.
Equinox’s professional standard has been an exclusive technical support for Nilgai Food products like its Shelf-life testing, nutritional break-ups. The training sessions and guidance has helped Nilgai to maintain the standards for their products.

“99 percent of our products have been exclusively using services of Equinox and we’ve had no problems.” said Nicole (Corporate Chef & Head of Product Design) Nilgai Foods.

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