Vikram Dangi and the Success Story of Danz Bread

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A healthy multi-grain bread-making company finds the road to quality and confidence of its patrons

How it all began

“As a bread lover, I always wanted to come up with a healthy and tasty bread which was non-existent in India during that time. That is when I and my wife Aditi conceptualized the idea of multi-grain bread in India and launched Danz Bread in April 2011.” – Mr. Vikram Dangi, Founder & CEO Danz Bread

What makes Danz Bread stand out from the other brands?

Danz Bread uses the finest quality of wheat from Madhya Pradesh, India. It claims to be the first one to offer unadulterated, pure quality bread. Efforts are taken to maintain product standard, in spite of several factors like inflation, droughts resulting in fluctuating rates of grains and high transportation costs. For instance, the shelf life of Danz Bread is 3 days v/s normal bread of 5 days and that is the price paid for quality.

“Equinox has helped us by making a pathway towards quality and achieving our goals. The team here is extremely professional in delivering prompt service.”

Evolving a New Business Model: Modernizing business with technology

Danz Bread follows a Hub and Spoke operating model, in which bread is freshly baked in the morning, and each person on the delivery staff gets his print-out. If there are 50 deliveries to be done in Colaba, one person delivers the loaves in Colaba.

Currently their hub is in Worli, but they will soon start delivering to Pune; for other metros like Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, they will soon be launching individual central kitchens.

Name: Vikram Dangi
Position: Founder & CEO
Company: Danz bread

” Home Delivery of Healthy Loaves comes with a Monthly Subscription “

“Changing direction”

In early 2016, they will launch low GI Red rice product along with 100% whole wheat bread. They are also planning to come up with some exciting products like whole cane jaggery powder, which is a healthier substitute for sugar.

Vikram adds,

“We constantly keep experimenting with new products. But in a nutshell, we will always be a 100% healthy product making company; all our products will be genuine, healthy and authentic.”

Danz Bread is popular among renowned patrons!

It has an extended list patrons like Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, the Birla, Jindal and Shetty families. Almost 40-45% of their patrons are soft brand ambassadors and that’s why their business has seen tremendous growth in a short span of time.

Equinox: A Simplified and Prompt Solution

Vikram proudly adds, “Equinox helped us build confidence in ourselves and our brand, so we can tell our patrons they can feed these products to kids, and all this confidence has been given by you by showing us a clear picture and authentic reports.”

“Equinox has helped us by making a pathway towards quality and achieving our goals. The team here is extremely professional in delivering prompt service. I’ve seen that you not only give us what we want in Point A but you also guide us through the Point B and C, which we did not know of before, asking us if we would like to execute those as well.”

“It is very important for us to get the right reports and keep tweaking our recipe to make it authentically healthy. Equinox has helped us work within FSSAI guidelines. Today, I have Equinox on board as a partner for all our requirements in terms of reports, nutrition chart, water and food testing, etc, and the beauty of Equinox is that it’s a one-stop shop just a call away.”

– Vikram Dangi, Founder & CEO, Danz Bread.

Equinox is proud to be of help to such a dedicated brand & in turn, help serve many valuable customers. Their growth is imperative to us & we wish them all the very best!

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