N. Srinivasan and the Success Story of Stone Age E Ventures

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N. Srinivasan, Founder of Stone Age E Ventures, explains that the company was devised by mere serendipity..

His previous work profile facilitated travel to different parts of India. He would come across locals, who were splendid in the goods they manufactured; be it food, art or clothing. On the other hand, he also knew about people, far away from their home town, who needed their assistance. Hence, came up the website, which could be an ecommerce platform to propagate the products and make it available to people across the nation.


“We then slowly realized that in case of food products, which were famous in their locality, did not match up to the standards expected in an online business. We approached them as Stone Age E Ventures with a vision to help them sell products online. These unbranded products ought to get the recognition they deserved, and we decided to assist these manufacturers in building their name. Thus, was born another company, Native Village Foods & Spices. We consolidated such small time manufacturers and enabled the required branding and distribution dais across the country.”

Native Village Food & Spices is exclusively into food products. They provide the local manufacturers branding, distribution and marketing support and make their products available across the country depending upon wherever it serves.

Kerala was the place where he found the idea for Native. It was during one such visit that his daughter suggested they help these small time manufacturers to procure the product in a better way than just selling it on their ecommerce portal. “Because when a company brand’s the product, it can be sold at a better price in the market than what one would otherwise do,” he quickly adds.

Name: N. Srinivasan
Position: Founder
Company: Stone Age E Ventures

Currently, the company has started a product range which is from Kerala. They are products which have niche demands in the market; for eg, Mahani Root Pickle, Tender Baby Mango. The chips, made from Lotus stems, are processed in small houses. The company gives the manufacturers training on product output of consistent quality, which are then consolidated, sorted, packed and marketed, all in one place.

Best part of this is majority of the benefits would be distributed to the actual manufacturers. The idea and intention is to provide support to the society rather than creating a 100% commercial organization.

“Presently it’s only Kerala. We plan to move on to Bihar for a product called ‘Makhana’ (lotus seeds) consumed during fasts. ‘Makhana’ will be launched more as a health product which has its origin in Darbanga, Bihar. We have also pipelined Bamboo Rice seeds from North east Shillong and Arunachal Pradesh.”

Stone Age plans no soft launch. They will launch the products in Bangalore, followed by Mumbai. Letting people know by word of mouth is what they consider apt at this moment.When asked about hurdles, visiting unknown, diverse regions, trying to convince the people about the idea, the profits associated with such developments and the ways of brand building, did prove as major obstacles to Mr. N. Srinivasan.

The other concern which hovered over the business was the labour and quality. Women manufacturers had their household chores to manage and to juggle quality and quantity was a huge task. Third challenge was getting company licenses and logistics in place.

Safety and Hygiene –

“Food Safety and Hygiene is of utmost importance to our brand and Equinox has supported us aggressively by helping the uneducated food handlers understand how hygiene can be maintained in a simple and easy to understand language.”

About Equinox –

I have recommended Equinox to a couple of brands and a friend too, who is putting on paper the plan to start a food business.

We had our Stability test, Ingredient analysis, Nutrition Labeling and Label Validation done by Equinox. I personally believe that companies like Equinox and Native can come together to help small time manufacturers consolidate and assist in packaging, marketing and other related fields, if they wish to make their mark in the food industry.

We intend on having a long time partnership with Equinox in the coming years.

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