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Shelf Life Analysis

Shelf life is the time period in which the food product is safe to consume and has acceptable sensory characteristics. For example, ‘best before’ or ‘use by date’.

It is an important step before the launch of a new product or modifying an existing one.

A shelf Life is Essential For

Shelf life

3 Ways to Enhance your Product Shelf life.

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Assumption & Realisation

  The Ugly Truth

The product maintains its quality until the expiration date. Although it can be consumed post-expiration date, the quality and safety of the food are uncertain.

  Misconception & Problems

Food becomes unfit for consumption after its ‘best before’ date is a very common misconception.

  Results & Solutions

It enables the sellers to determine how long the product needs to be displayed and the purchaser to consume when it’s of the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerated Shelf Life Assessment

These tests are performed under conditions like high temperature, humidity, and light intensity. The calculations are then converted into an estimated shelf-life, its results are then estimated with results expected under normal conditions.

Real time Shelf Life Assessment

These tests are the ultimate proof of shelf life analysis as the product is stored at recommended conditions and monitored until it fails the specification.
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