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Food At Work Place

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The FSSAI Orange Book is a safety and wellness guideline document, under the Safe and Nutritious Food Portal [SNF@Workplace] of FSSAI [Food Safety and Standards Authority of India]. The rising cases of improper diet-related disorders are on a high in corporate companies. Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace is a streamlined solution devised by the Apex Body. This ensures food safety at the workplace, with added Health and Wellness norms that should be followed.

Under the Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace, The FSSAI Orange Book is divided into 3 main sections :

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Here are some of the many benefits of The FSSAI Orange Book:

  • The role and requirements of Food Safety Supervisor and Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Importance of Employee, Food Handlers, and Administration Training
  • Healthy versus Unhealthy options and how to choose the former
  • Tactics to choose Safe and Nutritious Food at the workplace during meetings, in the canteen, etc.
  • FSSAI Regulations and Norms
  • How to stay Compliant with FSSAI?
  • Food Safety Practices: For the Food Handlers and the Employees
  • Pre and Post Food Preparation Practices
  • Personal and Personnel Hygiene
  • Tips for Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace: Choices, Healthy Plans, Hygiene Tips, etc.

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Fssai Orange Book
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