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The FSSAI Orange Book

Your Guide For Safe and Nutritious Food At Work Place

Date : 7th September, 2018
Time : 11:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M.

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FSSAI has issued The Orange Book – A Guideline document under the ‘Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace’ initiative. Orange book is invented to join hands with the initiative of Safe and Nutritious Food at workplace campaign to help people eat right at work.

           What’s in store for you?

          The orange book is divided into three parts

  • Framework For An Enabling Environment (For the Administration)
  • Regulatory And Compliance Requirements (For the Canteen Establishments)
  • Safe And Nutritious Food Tips (For the Employees)

Framework For An Enabling Environment

  • The importance of appointing a Food Safety Officer for every 25 food handlers
  • The benefits of undertaking Fostac training which is compliant with FSSAI standards
  • Apart from this, the Health and Wellness Coordinator(HWC) is appointed to promote safe and nutritious food among the employees
    Ensuring HWC is familiar with all the books like the orange book, the pink book, DART book

Regulatory And Compliance Requirements

  • It specifies best practices and guidelines recommended for the canteen establishments to ensure that the food served in the workplace is healthy and hygienic
  • A valid license/registration and following legal requirements is a must in the corporate canteens
  • It provides the best and the most suitable food storage facilities and other food handling processes for the food handlers

Safe And Nutritious Food Tips

  • It provides several important do’s and don’ts, useful tips and suggestions to empower employees to eat and stay healthy in the workplace by making informed choices about the food they consume
  • It also helps to decode food labels, the concept of the food pyramid, and tips on home lunch and what it should contain
  • Orange book is a bible which every Corporate should stand by and follow it religiously
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