Prateek Vaid and Jayesh Mirchandani – the Success Story of Oh! Fudge

“‘Oh! Fudge’ has a nice ring to it. Besides, it conveys our gourmet fudge brand!”, say Prateek Vaid and Jayesh Mirchandani, Co-Founders – Oh! Fudge.

“The first organized players in this space, Oh! Fudge began in the December of 2015. Starting from simple batches made from home to flea markets around cities on weekends, Oh! Fudge opened its first store a year later in December 2016.”

When asked about their launch, the answer was unexpected – A pilot run in the Comic-con of 2015 that sold out completely!
“Oh! Fudge launched with 4 flavors; today we do about 30 – 40 flavors now. Our fabulous pilot fueled our confidence in the validated product and we began sales in exhibitions and online food marketplaces.
The marketing strategy Prateek and Jayesh deployed was simple – create a product that people love at the right price point! “We are now trying to find the right positioning and marketing direction for the brand,” say the co-founders.

“Our proudest moment has been the time when we opened our first store at Carter Road, Bandra.”

– Prateek Vaid and Jayesh Mirchandani

Major Challenges?

They consider Unavailability of best ingredients, Uncertainty of Supply and Lack of Skilled & Sincere manpower as their major challenges. However, hardships make success sweeter!

Name: Mr. Prateek Vaid and Jayesh Mirchandani
Position: Co-founders
Company: Oh Fudge

Oh! Fudge is unparalleled in the market; with 35 flavors of fudge and milkshakes under one roof, organized to the T – their quality is unprecedented. Most important, they do not resort to preservatives to increase the products’ shelf life. Currently underrated, the Co-Founders consider fudge is a beautiful and versatile dessert, which deserves to be in the forefront.
With the growing dessert space, Oh! Fudge plans to innovate their offerings, except their top 25%, in terms of packaging and flavours this 2018.
“We don’t think we can influence any business at our current scale. However, it feels amazing to see confectionery businesses and dessert parlors be more consumer-health conscious with the special focus on hygiene and safety. The restaurant business is organizing itself with every passing day with FSSAI bringing new changes. We hope to be in a position in the coming years to be able to guide industry standards and other businesses.”

Customer feedback is critical to Oh! Fudge – they improvise their products with surveys and post-purchase feedbacks. Their next step is automation for the manufacturing process for 100% consistency, product perfection and increased shelf life through packaging.

Food Business and Safety –

“No food business can long without a serious approach towards hygiene and safety. We follow FSSAI norms in our facilities. We cannot understate its importance as this is where the trust of the consumers lie. Once the trust breaks, it cannot be mended,” says Prateek Vaid.

Equinox Labs and Oh! Fudge –

“Equinox Labs was suggested by one of our online partners, for all the requisite lab tests done in order to sell on their website [this was when we were operating from home]. We started with Nutritional Labelling and Shelf Life Analysis. This enabled us to go PAN-India with the potential to tap into gourmet food retailers very early in our business” – Jayesh Mirchandani

“Equinox has definitely given us an edge – having a reliable partner for the entirety of food compliance is a huge relief for brands like us. The most recommended services would be the Nutritional Labelling and Shelf Life Analysis,” conclude the two Co-Founders!

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