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Nutritional Labeling

Nutritional labeling enables consumers to make informed choices with regard to the nutritional characteristics of food like protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, sodium content etc.

Equinox Labs helps in finding out the essential attributes to be mentioned on all food sold that comply with the regulations of Indian nutritional labeling act.

Nutritional Labeling is Essential For – 

Nutritional Facts

3 Reasons You Should Have Nutritional facts on your products

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Assumption & Realisation

result and solution  Results & Solutions

Nutritional Labelling can prove any health and safety claims by a Food Business for Informed Purchase.

ugly  The Ugly Truth

Consumers are often misled by manufacturers who falsely present nutritional content in their labels.

misconception Misconception & Problems

Products that claim to boost immunity or defend against illness, cannot be backed by any concrete proof.

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