Nutritional Labeling

Nutritional labeling enable consumers to make informed choices with regard to the nutritional characteristics of the food like protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre, sodium content etc.

Equinox Labs helps in finding out the essential attributes to be mentioned on all food sold that comply with the regulations of Indian nutritional labeling act.

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3 Reason You Should Have Nutritional Facts on your Products ebook - Nutritional Labeling nutritional labelling Nutritional Labeling Nutritional facts web

3 Reasons You Should Have Nutritional facts on your products

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Nutritional Labeling is Essential For

Food Businesses

It plays a very important role for food businesses as it exhibits the actual quantity of nutrients present in the product.

Awareness among consumers

Adds value to the product


Consumers make healthier food choices after comparing the quantity of nutrients in it.

Simple to understand

More transparent information


It plays a pivotal role for the food business consultants by qualifying their products for consumption and adds value to clients’ businesses.

Adds value to client’s business

Get 100% accurate and compliant information

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