Noise / Light

Noise quality testing

Interrupting noises hampers hearing capacity of 1.1 billion people in India. Unsafe levels of sounds can be 85db for 8 hours or 100db for 15 minutes. As per CPCB, it is mandatory to check the noise annually.

It should not exceed the statutory levels i.e 90 db and 45-50 db in office premises.

Light quality testing

Lighting Assessment is very important to safeguard health at work by enabling employees to perform their work comfortably.

Excessive contrast, strong glare and light flickering in their fields of vision are measured with a luxmeter.

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How to avoid this Risk?

1) Light in the office premises to be measured with Luxmeter a sensor for light detection.

2) Excessive noise must be measured by an instrument called Sound Level Meter.

When should the Monitoring be done?

1) Noise testing at an industrial site or in an office premises must be done annually.

2) Noise testing can be done after setting up of the DG Diesel generators outside any office.

3) Light testing must be done during the working hours in a corporate office.


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