How often do you undertake Water Testing?

Water being the highest source of contamination, food industry emphasizes on doing regular water testing.

Make sure that the water you use is potable and safe. Get all the water sample testing reports faster and at a reasonable price.


Rs. 999/-per sample + GST @ 18%

*Report TAT: 7 working days

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  Chemical Parameters

Turbidity , pH-Value , Electrical Conductivity , Total Dissolved Solids* , Total Alkalinity , Total Hardness

  Metallic Impurities

Iron , Barium , Aluminium , Copper , Manganese , Zinc , Silver , Selenium , Sodium , Boron , Mercury , Cadmium
Arsenic , Lead , Chromium , Nickel , Molybdenum

  Microbial Parameters

Coliforms* , Escherichia coli*

Water contamination may be caused at several stages of its transport. It is, therefore, necessary to identify the cause by –

1. Complete water sample testing by a Government certified laboratory following International water testing procedures.
2. Expert’s guidance on prevention or reoccurrence of contamination in the water

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