Industrial Water Testing

Have you ever wondered why industrial water testing is important?

The water supplied to industrial areas needs to be clean, full of minerals and germ-free. Precisely tested industrial water with modern industrial water treatment techniques ensures safe industrial water.

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3 Ways to comply with CPCB Requirement

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Industrial Water Testing is Essential For


Factories require water as a raw material, solvent, coolant, transport agent, and energy source. Freshwater must be used because salt can corrode metal.

 Ensure safe industrial water

Water recirculation

Chemicals and trace analysis

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How Water Quality Affects Equipment Performance

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Equinox is your one source for industrial water testing by providing high-quality tests with

World Class Expertise

Equinox uses updated mechanism, instruments and world class expertise to help several industries comply with CPCB requirements.

Expert Training

Expert guidance and trainings on how to keep industrial equipments pure and contamination free are provided by industry experts to ensure safe water for industries .


10 Ways to Make Your Office Premises Safer

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