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Data Center Corrosion

Small concentrations of humidity, temperature, and various chemicals can lead to serious consequences like Data Center Corrosion.

Installation and maintenance of technology ensure maximum performance and preventive mechanisms ensure minimum damage. Equinox’s Data Center Monitoring services protect your data center from corrosion threats.

Air Pollution and its ill effects on Human Health

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3 Factors That Can Cripple Your Data Center

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Noise Pollution and its ill effects on Human Health

  • Failures of Discrete Electronic Components & PCB Boards

  • Sporadic Circuit Failure

  • Lower Energy Efficiency IT Equipment

  • Replacement of Damaged Electronic Components

  • Incorrect and Loss of Data

  • Increase in Data Center’s Maintenance Costs

Assumption & Realisation

  The Misconceptions :

Indoor Air Quality has only a negligible corrosion effect on the data center and monitoring it is not necessary.

  The Ugly Truth :

Small concentrations of these gases and chemicals in the air can result in huge losses for IT and Data Center Companies.

  The Solutions :

Air Composition Measurement and Metal Reactivity Monitoring once every quarter ensures safety from Data Center Corrosion.

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