FSSAI Label Validation

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have made regulations called “Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations”
Equinox Labs offers its expertise and introduces to you the Basic & Extended format of FSSAI Label Validation and how a manufacturer can ensure compliance with this Regulation.
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 8 Mistakes Big Brands Make While Designing the Food Labels

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FSSAI Label Validation is Essential For


FSSAI Label Validation is a mandatory requirement for all the importers.

It is important to follow the standards to avoid rejection

Get expertise knowledge

Understand nature of food in different regions

Food Manufacturers

Label validation communicates the message of product from manufacturer to consumer. 

It maintains transparency between Vendors and Consumers

Simplifies the message for consumers

A standard format maintains uniformity

Brand Owners

FSSAI Label Validation improves and sustains brand image of brand owners.

Logo defines the brand

The Label validation displays right nutrients

Create an image for the packaged food

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