Fssai Compliance

Product Approval and Label Validation are two important parts of Food Safety Management System, ensuring Compliance with FSSAI [Food Safety and Standards Authority of India].
Food Safety Management Plan with complete documentation and a standard operational process in line is essential for Business to be FSSAI Compliant.
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Product Approval Validation (PAV)

It is a process by which any novel ingredient(s) or additive(s) not prescribed in the act/regulation can be approved by FSSAI. An FBO needs to get his product approved before licensing procedure and release into the market.

Label Validation (LV)

Label Validation means ensuring the information and the format of the product’s label are accurate and complies with the FSSAI regulations. This maintains complete transparency with respect to the product information, helping consumers make the informed purchase.

6 Key Elements To Check If Your Product Requires A Product Approval Or Not

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FSSAI Label Validation is Essential For


Bringing a product with novel ingredient/additive into the Indian Food Market.

Easy and Streamlined entry of the Product

Prevention of Product Recall

Understanding the Nature and Ingredients of the Food

Food Manufacturers

Maintaining transparency between Vendors and Consumers

Uniformity across Information on different products

Ease in Import and Export

Consumer Health and Safety

Brand Owners

Quick Transactional Process

Brand Equity & Credibility

Accurate Display of Information

Least damage to the Company

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