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Fssai Compliance

Product Approval and Label Validation are two important parts of the Food Safety Management System, ensuring Compliance with FSSAI [Food Safety and Standards Authority of India].

Food Safety Management Plan with complete documentation and a standard operational process in line is essential for Business to be FSSAI Compliant.

Key Factors for FSSAI Compliance

Sensory Evaluation

6 Key Elements To Check If Your Product Requires A Product Approval Or Not?

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FSSAI Label Validation is Essential For –

Assumption & Realisation

  Misconception & Problems :

1. FSSAI Product Approval is misconceived as a complicated and lengthy process involving sensitive documentation.

2. Food, which is exported, does not require FSSAI Label Validation.

facts  The Facts :

1. There is no specific timeline to get the FSSAI Product Approval.

2. Comparing items using the food label can help us choose the best value for our health.

  Results & Solutions :

1. Getting an FSSAI Product approval helps smooth functioning process and easy imports.

2. FSSAI Label Validation displays complete product information, enabling transparency and Informed Purchase.

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