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Food Testing

Food, in general, takes care of daily energy and nutrients requirement. Calorific Value, nutrition, and taste are not the only aspects of food to be concerned about.

We recommend the type of food testing to be done, assuring faster turnaround times with accurate test results.

Food Testing is Essential For

food testing

Top 5 deadly Organisms affecting Food Quality and how to prevent them?

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Assumption & Realisation

  Results & Solutions

Food testing and analysis not only helps in identifying whether the food is rich in nutrition but also helps to check adulteration or contamination of food.

  The Ugly Truth

Every organization today wants to sell their products in a cost-effective way, hence we can see several cases of Food Adulteration and Food Poisoning.

Misconception & Problems

There are several possibilities of food being unsuitable for consumption due to contaminated raw materials, unhygienic conditions of food preparation and improper ways of food handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Food Testing

Food Testing is a concept that involves the step-by-step processes to ensure Food Safety for human consumption.

How to implement Food Safety

Simple. Ask for the “Food Safety Package” – that will guide you through the complete Food Safety Process.

Does Food Testing Ensure Food Safety

No, a Food Test Report only states whether that particular sample or batch is safe. Food Testing is the first step towards Food Safety.

How can complete Food Safety be ensured

Food Safety can be ensured only by practicing Hygienic Good Food Manufacturing & Handling Standards by FSSAI at your Food Business.
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