Shripad, Shree, Abhijit and Varun, and the Success Story of Maverix

‘We have a kitchen and not a manufacturing plant’ – A statement made by the experienced strategic Marketers and Founders of Fingerlix – a brand that strikes a chord with the consumers.

Shripad, Shree, Chef Abhijit and Varun – the 4 pillars of the brand which is keen on entering the houses of majority Indians to serve the best home cooked food.

The core of this brand was to focus on the chilled meal solutions which address breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner for the Indian homemaker.

Fingerlix largely wants to pave way for the requirements of core meals for the consumers, produced 3 times a day, 90 times a month!

“We started the brand less than two years ago, with a pledge to mark our presence in the Indian households. We initially launched in Mumbai, spreading our branches across Pune, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai.”

“Parathas, Batters, Pav Bhaji, Pineapple Halwa & Ready-To-Eat Chutneys and Sambar are the main categories Fingerlix is involved in.”

Consumer Feedback?

“Feedback is pivotal to us. We believe in making products that fulfil consumer needs, selling them in the right places and then using initial consumer feedback to fine-tune and get the ideal product,” adds Varun Khanna.

Name: Mr Abhijit and Varun
Position: Co-Founders
Company: Fingerlix

What’s their biggest challenge?
“Let me tell you something funny – We had to think like engineers who would plot ways of arranging his machinery. But I am a chef!” exclaims Chef Abhijit Berde.
“The other challenge was to maintain all the products at a 0–4 degree temperature. Equinox Labs was an important cog in testing and providing these solutions for consumers” shares Abhijit Berde.

Proudest Moment of the company would be …

‘’A homemade recipe like Maharashtrian Puran Poli receiving a successful response in Delhi is a proud moment for us’’ Abhijit added.
Another one would be managing to sell 100 pieces in Mumbai in one outlet in a day within weeks of the store’s launch. Further, the number crossed 850!
Recurrent success has led to more outlets in the country capital in areas like Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and then in the south cities.

The USP of Fingerlix is the brand serves fresh-tasting food with constant innovation and invention of new products.

Fingerlix take on Safety and Compliance-

The team is proud to say that their company is most appreciated for the hygiene, organized and clean kitchens by the customers and retailers. Fingerlix ardently maintains the cold-chain through the entire product value-chain to provide a long shelf life.

‘’‘’Fingerlix is a happy customer of Equinox. We are pleased with the experience that we have received and are thankful for their assistance throughout. Enhancing our shelf life, analysing our water and food was possible only because of the constant support of Equinox’’, added Abhijit and Varun.

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