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India is increasingly becoming dependent on canteens/cafeterias, when outside their homes. People today are consuming at least one meal per day from such kitchens. It is therefore important to ensure that the food being served there is safe and hygienic.

Eat Right Campus

As the National Food Regulator, FSSAI rolled out the Eat Right Campus initiative aiming to enable various campus canteens/cafeterias of offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, etc. Under this, campuses are provided with a five-star rating certificate based on food safety & hygiene standards they maintain.

Who can Apply?

Any FSSAI licensed institution with defined premises and food handling activities managed by the campus establishment and/or run by third parties can apply to become a certified Eat Right Campus.







Military Establishments

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Eat Right @ Workplace

More than 400 million people in India spend the majority of their time at workplaces, consuming at least one meal in the office cafeterias/canteens.

A healthy diet is a vital contributor to human health & productivity. This makes it important for workplaces to be more conscious and mindful of their food handling premises and ensure the availability of safe food and a healthy diet for their employees.

Getting Workplace Kitchens/Cafeterias/Canteens audited and certified under the Eat Right Campus Initiative will provide unique opportunities to a workplace to showcase their efforts around employee health and well-being. This will also help in setting examples for the rest of the industry about noble practices that need to be followed by corporates for employee engagement and well-being.

How to get a Eat Right Campus Rating & Certificate

Register with FSSAI

Pre Audit (Gap Assessment Audit)

FoSTaC Training

Final Audit

Issue of Certificate

Certification Process

Certification process

Certificate Sample

Eat right campus certificate

Parameters that’ll get you the Eat Right Certificate

The Campus is certified as an Eat Right Campus with a five-star rating on the basis of the score attained in the final audit. The final audit or the Eat Right Campus Audit is conducted based on the checklist of five food safety parameters. You’ll be scored on the basis of

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