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Drinking Water Testing

Have you ever wondered, what’s there in your drinking water? It is often contaminated with organic and inorganic impurities like; high levels of arsenic, fluoride and microorganisms or pathogens.

80% of infectious diseases caused by Water Borne Contaminants, hence drinking water testing is important. Without good water supplies, people can succumb to all types of illnesses.

Drinking Water Testing is Essential For

Drinking Water Testing

3 Ways of Improving Water Quality at your home & office.

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Assumption & Realisation

  The Ugly Truth

The product maintains its quality until the expiration date. Although it can be consumed post-expiration date, the quality and safety of the food are uncertain.

  Misconception & Problems

Food becomes unfit for consumption after its ‘best before’ date is a very common misconception.

  Results & Solutions

It enables the sellers to determine how long the product needs to be displayed and the purchaser to consume when it’s of the best quality.

Risks in Urban Areas

  • Poorly treated sewage can be low in dissolved oxygen and high in pollutants like; fecal coliform bacteria, nitrates, phosphorus, chemicals etc.

  • Phosphate-rich sewage effluent from the growing human population enters the waterways and thus contaminates drinking water.

  • Runoff from streets carries oil, rubber, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

  • Groundwater can be contaminated from sources like; garbage dumps, toxic waste, and chemical storage. Also from areas like; leaking fuel storage tanks, and intentional dumping of hazardous substances.

  • Air pollution can lead to acid rain, nitrate deposition, and ammonia deposition, which alters the water chemistry of lakes.

  • Treated sewage can be high in nitrates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Drinking Water Testing is necessary?

In the present day scenario contamination & cross-contamination of drinking water is very common. Drinking water testing has become necessary to ensure good health.

Who should go for Drinking Water Testing?

Household & Societies, Hotels, Food & Beverage, Manufacturers, Corporate Companies & Offices, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Canteens, Bakeries & Confectioneries etc.

Is Testing required for Packaged Water?

Contamination in packaged drinking water happens because of lack of sanitization of the containers, or due to improper cleaning & sanitization of dispensers.

Water Testing can be done for which other types of Water?

Borewell Water, Packaged Water, Sewage and Effluent Water, Dialysis Water and Industrial Water.

Is it necessary to Test water from Water Purification Plants?

Periodic testing of water purification plants helps in understanding whether the purifiers are functioning properly or not.

What should be done if the water shows contamination?

Simple. Ask Equinox Labs for – “FREE Consultation on Solutions”
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