Data Center Corrosion

Small concentrations of humidity, temperature, and various chemicals can lead to serious consequences like Data Center Corrosion.

Installation and maintenance of technology ensures maximum performance and preventive mechanisms ensures minimum damage. Equinox’s Data Center Monitoring services protect your data center from corrosion threats.

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3 Factors That Can Cripple Your Data Center

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Signs of Data Center Corrosion are:

  • Failures of Discrete Electronic Components & PCB Boards
  • Sporadic Circuit Failure
  • Lower Energy Efficiency IT Equipment
  • Replacement of Damaged Electronic Components
  • Incorrect and Loss of Data
  • Increase in Data Center’s Maintenance Costs

Sources of these Corrosive Gases

External Sources

External factors include:

Landfill sites, sewage & drains

Industrial Areas

Swamp / Marshy Lands

High density traffic

Processing Industry

Internal Sources

Internal factors include:

Cigarette smoke and gases from printers, paints and varnishes, air fresheners, aerosols etc.

Cleaning compounds are sources of ammonia.

Microfiche systems are heavy producers of ammonia, while printers can discharge sulfur compounds and chlorides.

To avoid this Risks

Following are the necessary precautionary measures adopted to get rid of Air Corrosion:

Measuring composition of Air in the Data Center

Metal Reactivity Monitoring

When should data center monitoring be done?

The best practices for Indoor Air Quality Analysis and Air Corrosion Monitoring:

Before selection of site for Data Center

After construction of the building structure

After Setting up Data Center Infrastructure, prior to commissioning

Post commissioning, once every quarter, since air quality changes

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