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D G Emission Monitoring

DG Emissions have become a major reason of concern for environmentalists, as Diesel Generators emit high levels of air and noise polluting elements.

Equinox helps you understand why DG Emission Monitoring is a step towards sustainable implementation of a healthy environment.

Air Pollution and its ill effects on Human Health

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DG Emission Monitoring

4 Mandatory Tests that Every D G Requires

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Noise Pollution and its ill effects on Human Health

high blood pressure, sleep loss, distraction and lost productivity and a general reduction in the quality of life.

& Forests (MoEF) has published the Standards/Guidelines for the control of noise pollution from stationary DG sets, including the noise limits for Generator sets with petrol or kerosene.

sets (of capacity 15 KVA & above) for non-industrial purposes, obtaining the Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate from the Board is mandatory.

Assumption & Realisation

  The Misconceptions :

A huge misconception is that D G Emissions only have temporary effects on health & productivity.

  The Ugly Truth :

DG Emissions worsen respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. Noise-related problems like hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure and distraction.

  The Solutions :

An operator needs to comply with the Pollution Control Board standards formed by The State Government.

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