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Corporate canteens are at a larger risk of unhealthy and unsafe food consumption. The vigilance is less and employees assume safety and hygiene is taken care of. Often, food and water of compromised quality is the reason of multiple sickness and related absenteeism. This affects both the Employer and the Employees.

One solution can nip all these problems at the onset. Knowledge.

Weekly FSSAI Updates on WhatsApp is the perfect solution we bring to you. Anybody and everybody can subscribe to the platform for free and receive food and water safety tips, orders, laws and related information on your WhatsApp every week.


  • Firsthand information on the latest FSSAI Updates
  • High rate of Compliance
  • Safety and Health of the Employees improve
  • Consultation for related solutions provided immediately
  • Steps provided to ensure compliance and employee health
  • Caterer with valid License and complying with FSSAI hired
  • Food Safety information can be implemented at employees’ home
  • Increased company revenue and decreased attrition rate
  • Company brand value grows