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Borewell Water Testing & Tanker Water Testing

Borewell & Tanker Water is used by several households and small businesses at places where there is less or nil municipal water supply.

Equinox Labs is fully equipped to conduct an entire range of tanker water tests to ensure reliable water to drink and use.

Borewell/ Tanker Water Testing is Essential For

borewell water testing

Do’s and Dont’s while Construction and Maintenance of Borewell.

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Following are a few adverse health effects associated with the contaminants found in borewell water:

  • Local Impurities

    Borewell water testing parameters include determining the presence or absence of natural impurities such as nutrients from rocks and soil, heavy metals, radon gas, boron, selenium, and proximity to farming and other industries.

  • Microbial Contamination

    It may occur as a result of seepage from septic tanks or manure from livestock and domestic animals. Micro-organisms are generally more of a problem during drought because they can be introduced into the well from flooding.

  • Heavy metals from Pipeline & Tanker

    Heavy metals such as lead and copper may occur as a result of corroding domestic pipe, walls of metallic tanks or heavy metals generated from nearby industry.

  • Radioactive Impurities

    Radioactive minerals such as uranium maybe found naturally within the ground. A preliminary survey of radioactive content of drinking ground water found higher levels of radioactivity when compared to surface water.

  • Agricultural Run-Off

    Nitrates and nitrites found in fertilizers, animal wastes, septic tanks, and sewage treatment systems are common problems with groundwater.

  • Pesticides

    Pesticide drift is a very real threat in farming communities and timber plantations which makes regular testing vital to account for accidents and seasonal variations.

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