Borewell & Tanker Water Testing

Borewell & Tanker Water is used by several households and small businesses at places where there is less or nil municipal water supply.

Equinox Labs is fully equipped to conduct entire range of tanker water tests to ensure reliable water to drink and use.

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Do’s and Dont’s while Construction and Maintenance of Borewell

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Tanker Water Testing is Essential For


Borewell Tanker water is consumed by several households and hence testing it is very important.

Safe water for consumption

No fear of diseases

Applicable to large population

Small Businesses

Small business will benefit from tanker water testing services that ensures good quality.

Safe water for business purposes

Safe water for consumption

Assurance from the accredited labs


Tanker water testing techniques ensures safe water for your clients developing trust and relations.

Add value to your business

Benefit client’s business

Certify your services for future

Following are a few adverse health effects associated with the contaminants found in borewell water:

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 3 Measures to Take If You Rely On Tanker Water


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