Ajay & Pravesh and the Success Story of Big Brewsky Brewing Company

Big Brewsky Brewing Company is not only one of the largest breweries in Bengaluru but has also successfully fostered a sense of community in the minds of people.

Nightlife culture resonates with the zest of the metropolitan and it becomes extremely important to develop a holistic community, to bind together people. Started in September 2015, Big Brewsky Brewing Company spread its wings and has now carved a niche for itself in habitats of sorts.
Comfort and Quality in terms of nightlife culture weren’t as efficient as observed internationally. Understanding the need for space and adept quality of beverages, Big Brewsky Brewing Company was conceptualized – Ajay Gowda, Managing Director – Big Brewsky.

Highlights of Big Brewsky Brewing Company that makes it different from others –

Quality, Ambience and most important, our people set us apart from the rest. Our people are the heart and soul of our brand, ensuring the quality of service delivered on the floor and the experiences created for each guest that walks in through the door. Our ambiance is an experience-driven space which transports you to a surrounding that inspires and stimulates your senses.

“Future Plans of Big Brewsky Brewing Company”

Big Brewsky is in the process of creating an entertainment destination with a superlative F&B experience.

When asked about Brand Launch, Pravesh Pandey, Director – Big Brewsky, had a smile of pride. “We believe in Word of Mouth. The speech of Quality cannot be undermined; it is an effective marketing tool to let know only a few people in the beginning and let our service and product do the talking.”

Name: Mr. Ajay Gowda & Pravesh Pandey
Position: Managing Director | Director
Company: Big Brewsky Brewing Company
Website: bigbrewsky.com

Quality has been their USP. Experimenting with the dining events, customising the service provided, providing only the best-brewed product and maintaining its standard – Big Brewsky thanks its team of talented and competent people, who are, collectively, the soul of the brand. “A company is known by the people it keeps. I am fortunate enough to have some of the most talented people in the country who believe in my dream and they are the part of this jungle,” says Pravesh, while glancing at Ajay.
Their proudest moment? “When I see my people taking ownership and co-creating experiences that move and delight our customers, it makes me feel proud and inspired, each time, every time,” adds Pravesh.

Ajay and Pravesh strongly ideate that organization’s growth depends on four pillars – Structure, Process, People, and Culture

Their next steps are to create the infrastructure which can provide a strong foundation and bind people together to grow.
With Chef Sabyasachi Gorai – creator of concept restaurant brands like Olive and Lavaash, the winner of the prestigious Chef of the Year award – leading the culinary team, their strategy has been simple – all the dishes are made with fresh flavors in a home-cooked style that evokes childhood memories and spread happiness.
“Since we’re all about the experience, Customer Feedback is the first and most important tool that we use to drive our product evolution. Feedback is reviewed on a daily basis and while issues are addressed, it is also used to appreciate our employees who are the stars of our business.”

Big Brewsky’s take on Safety and Compliance

Hygiene and Food Safety are extremely valued by all at Big Brewsky. Maintaining a clean space changes the perception of both the Team and the Customers. With HACCP certified chefs in kitchens, frequent audit programs and a list of best practices, they ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and food safety are maintained.

‘It’s Equinox. Having known Equinox Labs for 8 – 9 years even before the launch of Big Brewsky, their Audit services has helped in maintaining the kind of hygiene and sanitation that is expected from Big Brewsky.

I have been using Equinox services for the past ten years in all my restaurants and I am delighted with their service and the standards they provide. Highly recommend it to my colleagues and people from the Food Business who need a helping hand like we did.” Says Pravesh as he ends the conversation on a high note.

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