Audits and Inspections

FSSAI Audits and Inspection form a crucial point in the Food Safety Management System (FSMS), which displays the level of compliance observed by the Food Business Operator (FBO) with FSSAI.
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What are Audits and Inspections?

Audits and Inspections 6 key elements to check if your product requires a product approve web1

6 Key Elements To Check If Your Product Requires A Product Approval Or Not

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Benefits of Audits and Inspections for –

Food Manufacturers:

Understanding the Hygiene and the Compliance score of their premise.

Identification of the loopholes and their solutions.

Enhanced safety and quality standards that can be followed.

Production of the safe product for the consumers.

Importers – Exporters :

Assurance of product safety, globally.

Hassle-free transport of products across borders.

Understanding the loopholes in the storage units.

Adoption of Food Handling and Hygiene standards.

Brand Owners

Protection of Product’s brand.

Credibility and Quality assurance.

Competitive edge in the Food Industry.

Growth in Business and Consumers.

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