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Outdoor Air Quality largely affects the Indoor Air Quality of any building or shop. Unlike the Outdoor Air Quality, Indoor Air Quality is 10 times more harmful. This is due to:

What are the different types of air qualities that should be considered?

Air Quality is divided into 3 types, based on the location and the type of pollutants involved.

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This is the most common, yet highly neglected which causes maximum damage to the health of the building occupants. Indoor Air Quality is one of the leading causes of deaths, globally – around 7 million per year. With maximum people spending their time indoors, either home or office, the exposure to pollutants indoor is alarming.

Pollutants that hamper Indoor Air Quality – Temperature, Humidity, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, Sulphates, Lead, Asbestos, Microbial spores, etc

Outdoor Air Quality is at risk due to Industrial Pollution, Vehicular Pollution, and Domestic Pollution. This rise in the pollution affects the outdoor environment and temperature, directly impacting the Indoor Air Quality. Exhaust fumes, industrial let off-gases contain extremely harmful chemicals that can cause, from headaches, cough and breathlessness to diseases of the lungs, cancers and hormonal disorders.

Pollutants that hamper Outdoor Air Quality – Carbon Monoxide, exhaust fumes, ammonia, exhaust heat, oxygen radicals, tobacco smoke, etc.

Corrosive air is chemically polluted, heavy in moisture that reacts with metals to corrode it. Such air is usually found indoors and affects the Data Centers and the sensitive hardware components. Every year, several corporates report ‘Data Loss’ due to corrosion. Humidity and Temperature are factors that add to the corrosion rate.

Pollutants that cause Air to be Corrosive – Humidity, moisture, temperature, Sulphates, Hydrogen sulphides with ozone and nitrogen dioxides, etc.

How can a Corporate company improve their Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality?

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