Check Quality of your Product and Today’s Market Requirements with Sensory Evaluation


Why Sensory Evaluation?

– To know whether you are still competitive in the market and to evaluate when market wants your product

– Taste profile of the product matches the specification and if there are no odd flavors or tastes

– To determine if the product is manufactured correctly

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Sensory Evaluation is Essential For

Food Businesses

Manufacturers and Importers conduct sensory evaluation before launching a new product in the market or while updating an existing one.

To avoid new product failure

It educates and updates them about the current food acceptability

Marketers and R&D Companies

Consultants can use sensory evaluation to judge where their client’s product stands in the food industry.

Compare the product with competitors and get strong reports or evidences for the same

Improve its quality as per the current food trends

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The Equinox Advantage

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Equinox is a One Stop Shop for food, water and environment quality monitoring in India.

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