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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring is extremely important as:

– Indoor Air can be polluted too, not just outdoor air

– Indoor Air Quality is directly related to people’s work efficiency

– Periodic checks & implementation of remedies ensure gradual improvement of IAQ

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Poor Indoor Air Quality Could be Jeopardizing Your Health.

Improving Indoor Air Quality is a must to avoid both short and long-term health problems. These include:

Respiratory problems like asthma & allergies
Headache, sore throat, cold and flu
Eye and skin irritations
Memory loss, dizziness, fatigue and depression
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Energy Efficient Buildings Often Have WORSE Indoor Air Quality

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), inadequate ventilation is the largest cause of indoor air pollution. Other significant factors are bio aerosols, building products, contamination from outside air, and a variety of sources that are yet to be identified.

Air quality in a building is largely the result of an ongoing competition between the pollutants and the ventilation system. Whereas temperature, humidity, and microbial contamination are the other contributing factors.

Tightly sealed buildings without adequate ventilation systems trap pollutants inside. It has unexpectedly resulted in increased air contamination resulting from decreased air exchange.

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