As per the new Food Safety Standards Act implemented in 2006, it is mandatory for all Food Business Operators to obtain FSSAI License.

Equinox conducts basic and advanced training sessions on FSSAI to create awareness and educate Food Business Operators.

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Test your FSSAI Knowledge

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Equinox conducts the following FSSAI Trainings:



1. FSSAI Compliance Expert

This training empowers all the Food Business Operators to comply with the FSSAI standards.

It not only creates awareness, but also helps them understand important aspects of the food business, in conjunction with the law.

2. FSSAI Awareness and How to conduct a GAP Audit

This training is designed for all the FBOs to create an awareness of new food safety laws and understand the current requirements of FSSAI.

It educates and prepares all FBOs on how to face a GAP Audit and helps them understand the gaps in their process and come up with solutions.



3. How to face an FDA Audit

This training emphasizes on understanding the expectations of FSSAI / FDA to meet the requirements and specifications of FSSA, 2006.

It makes all the FBOs, exporters and importers familiarized with the audit process and make them more confident in facing an FSSAI / FDA Audit.

4. FSSAI Product Approval

Training on FSSAI Product Approval is especially tailored to guide the FBOs  on Product Approval process – how, when and why it should be done.
It trains the FBOs how to get Product Approval done in a simple way and explains them why is it mandatory for a category of persons.



To Know More About FSSAI Trainings

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