FSSAI Product Approval

As per FSSR 2011, Food Business Operators shall not manufacture, distribute, sell or import any novel food, genetically modified articles of food, irradiated food, organic foods, foods for special dietary uses, functional foods, neutraceuticals, health supplements, proprietary foods and such other articles of food which the Central Government may notify in this behalf.

In simple words, Food Business Operators have to prove that their product is good for Human consumption before product hits the market.

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6 Key Elements To Check If Your Product Requires A Product Approval Or Not

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FSSAI Product Approval is Essential For


FSSAI Product Approval is mandatory, if you are an importer of any novel, neutraceuticals, health supplements or proprietary foods.

Mandatory by the FSSR 2011

Easy imports and smooth functioning.

Food Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers must have FSSAI Product Approval to manufacture any genetically modified articles, neutraceuticals, and health supplements.

Hassle-free manufacturing

Ease in exports and imports

Brand Owners

Brand Owners need FSSAI Product Approval for hassle free manufacturing of the products manufactured under their brand.

Mandatory for Brand owners

Speedy process of transactions

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Who should have an FSSAI Product Approval?

  • Products/ingredients which have never been used in any country.
  • If safety assessment of any product/ingredient is not carried.
  • Existing license holder for conversion to FSS license and whose product safety assessment has not been carried out
  • Proprietary product/ingredient
  • Importer of Products/ingredients which are new
  • Food containing ingredients which are being introduced for the first time into country

Frequently Asked Questions About FSSAI Product Approval

Why Should I go for FSSAI Product Approval?

As per FSSR 2011, It’s Mandatory to have Certain Product approved by FSSAI before they are in the market for human consumption. It also helps in easy imports and hassle free manufacturing process.

Why Should I come to Equinox Labs?

Equinox Labs makes it simpler for you by helping you through the entire process of application, proper documentation & filing so that you get an expert guidance and approval for your products & with rigorous follow-ups you save a lot of hassles.

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