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It is legally essential for Any Food Business Operator in India to have an FSSAI License. An approval from FSSAI guarantees customers that the food is hygienic and clean.

FSSAI Compliance has become mandatory for everyone in the Food Chain like hotels, restaurants, food chains, packaged-food manufacturers, canteens in schools, colleges and corporates, importers and exporters etc.

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Hurdles You Face When Applying For FSSAI License fssai license FSSAI License 8 hurdels web

8 Hurdles You Face When You Apply For License

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FSSAI License is Essential For


An importer must get an FSSAI License that allows import of food items to India and clearance of consignments.

It ensures safety of imported food items & FSSAI Registration for importers

Imported food will be verified ensuring a smooth clearance

Ensures compliance of all the food safety guidelines

Food Manufacturers

All the food manufacturers must have FSSAI Licenses to ensure safe manufacturing practices and certification.

Water testing result is an important document for obtaining FSSAI License

Follow all the safety guidelines for manufacturing

Saves manufacturer from getting heavily penalized

Brand Owners

Brand owners must have FSSAI License to create an aware among the consumers that their brand is safe for human consumption

Mandatory document for brand owners

Standardized level of manufacturing is followed

Categories of your brand is defined

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Who should consult for FSSAI License?





Food Chains
Packaged Food Manufacturers


Food Sellers and Re-sellers


Canteens in Corporate Companies, Schools, Colleges
Food Importers and Exporters


Raw Material Suppliers


…everyone related to Food Businesses.

Why Should I go for FSSAI License Consultancy?

Under Article 31 of FSS Act, 2006 (Food Safety and Standards (Licensing/ Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2009, lays down Licensing and Registration conditions which are compulsory for any food business.

Why Should I prefer Equinox Labs?

Equinox Labs Offers the following services related to FSSAI License.

FSSAI License Consultancy

Equinox will assist you in getting your FSSAI License for your company across India. Equinox will review all your paperwork, form and apply on your behalf. Equinox offers consulting services for all FSSAI Related queries. Our Experts will give you definitive answers to all your FSSAI related queries.


Equinox carries out a FSSAI GAP Audit, which will help you to understand the gaps in your current systems. Equinox will help you to bridge these gaps and ensure that you are FSSAI Compliant

FSMS / Recall Plan Development

Food Safety Management System Plan and Recall Plan are mandatory for all Food Business Operators. Equinox develops FSMS and Recalls Plans based on the specific business and food safety measures required. The Recall Plan is required to recall products from the market in case of faults discovered.

Water Potability Test Report: Equinox Labs will collect the water from your premise and test it in its in-house NABL Accredited lab and provide you the Testing Report, which mandatory to attach with the application form.

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Equinox is a One Stop Shop for food, water and environment quality monitoring in India.

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