FSSAI GAP Audit is a determination of the degree of conformity of your organization to the requirements of FSSAI specification and standard.

 It helps you know where you stand and then take necessary steps to meet the requirements.

The Gap Audit conducted by Equinox Labs focuses on understanding of the present levels of compliance, helping clients conform to expected Food Safety Standards.

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How To Face an FSSAI/FDA Audit

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FSSAI GAP Audit is Essential For


Importers must have a GAP Audit done at their premises to ensure fulfillment of all the set standards.

Analysis of the GAP from an expert’s perspective

Smooth functioning of your businesses

GAP Audits ensure inspected premises for distribution

Food Manufacturers

GAP Audit for food manufacturers ensures complete safety and hygiene standards followed in the premises


Expert guidance and solutions to fill the gaps in manufacturing

Ensure plan of actions to fill those gaps

Comparison and compliance with the standard measures under FSSAI

Brand Owners

GAP Audits for Brand owners ensures products manufactured under their brand are upto the standards mentioned in the 2006 Act.

Understanding of the way forward for the Brand

Certifies the safety and hygiene standard level

Protect them from being penalized by the government

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What Areas will you cover in FSSAI GAP Audit:

Who should go for an FSSAI Gap Audit?





Food Chains
Packaged Food Manufacturers, [/one_half]


Food Sellers and Re-sellers


Canteens in Corporate Companies
Food Importers and Exporters


Raw Material Suppliers


… everyone related to Food Business.

Why Should I go for an FSSAI Gap Audit?

Pinpoints the specific gaps in your present system

Gives an objective understanding of the way forward

Gives a comparison with the Standards set under FSSA

Helps in planning of Action Points

You get an Expert guidance in filling the Gaps and Complying with Food Safety Laws

Why Should I come to Equinox Labs?

Equinox Labs is actively involved in conducting gap audits for all its Clients. The Gap audit conducted by Equinox Labs helps clients protect themselves from being penalized by the Food Safety Authorities. Read on to see what our Customers have to say about Equinox’s FSSAI Gap Audits:

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