Day 9: How to Improve Indoor Environment Quality(IEQ)




Identification of problem should be succeeded with solutions and ways to go about it. Webinar 9 speaks about the different assessments, precautionary and remedial methods one can take for improving the IEQ. The areas generally neglected are highlighted, ensuring adequate dispersal of awareness which will help improve health.


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What is this About?

This webinar puts forth the tactics, solutions and remedies to improve and protect IEQ, ultimately health.

You shall be benefitted with knowledge about

The ways to assess the quality of indoor environment

Good practices to maintain safe and healthy environment

The tactics to identify the sources and types of contamination

The Point Of Contacts for each type of problem arising

Corrective methods for improper light sources and noise problems

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Who should attend the webinar?

Industry Owners

Businesses and Corporate Personnel

MNC Representatives

Corporate Magnates

They should attend this webinar for solutions to improve the IEQ of offices, multi-national companies and industrial areas.

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Catherine Andrews  Day 9: How to Improve IEQ Ms

Ms. Catherine Andrews Air Quality Specialist

Ms. Catherine Andrews is a highly qualified Air Specialist; trained on providing Air Solutions; handling and deployment of air instruments. She has handled technical queries, provided sampling plans and conducted field inspections for 400+ companies. She has worked on research projects like Determination of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and its impact on health. She is also involved in the making of IAQM plans and Indoor Air Quality Checklists in line with OSHA regulations.





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