Day 3: Air Pollutants- Source & Impact




The first step to combat any crisis is to know what it comprises of. Only then can one sleep over the matter. Learning which pollutants are creating the havoc will enable us to understand their role. Heedful understanding will simplify developing a plan of action to improve detrimental indoor environmental quality.


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What is this About?

This webinar will bring face to face the harmful air pollutants and its impact on those exposed to it in the controlled environment.

You shall be benefitted with knowledge about

The categories of pollutants found in air including respirable particulate matter like dust, fibre and its sources

Gaseous pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other chemical particles like varnishes, aerosols prevailing in indoor atmosphere

Biological pollutants like pollens, molds and fungi contaminating the indoor environment

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Who should attend the webinar?





These should abide by the famous saying ‘You Cannot Defeat Your Enemies Until You Know Who They Are’, by Anthony Horowitz which testifies the importance of identifying the environmental contaminants and their mode of action.

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Catherine Andrews Day 3: Air Pollutants- Source & Impact Day 3: Air Pollutants- Source & Impact Ms

Ms. Catherine Andrews Air Quality Specialist

Ms. Catherine Andrews is a highly qualified Air Specialist; trained on providing Air Solutions; handling and deployment of air instruments. She has handled technical queries, provided sampling plans and conducted field inspections for 400+ companies. She has worked on research projects like Determination of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and its impact on health. She is also involved in the making of IAQM plans and Indoor Air Quality Checklists in line with OSHA regulations.





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