Day 2: Factors affecting Indoor Air Quality




We all realize how imperative, yet polluted outdoor air has become over the course of time. What we fail to realize are the indoor air determinants contributing to equally fatal problems. This webinar puts forth both the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of Indoor Air Quality minutely.


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What is this About?

The webinar brings the spotlight on the causes of the most polluted factor conveniently cast aside in Indoor Environment.

You shall be benefitted with knowledge about

The importance of building design, site, system design & maintenance

The effects of renovation activities on IAQ

The effects of exhaust ventilation, furnishings & occupant activities on air quality

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Who should attend the webinar?



MNC Representatives

Corporate Magnates

Business Owners

Electronics Manufacturers

Industrial Proprietors

Small, big or medium enterprises and corporate sector can join hands at this webinar to paralyze the toxic air pollutants by improvising on the building design and ventilation.

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Catherine Andrews  Day 2: Factors affecting IAQ Ms

Ms. Catherine Andrews Air Quality Specialist

Ms. Catherine Andrews is a highly qualified Air Specialist; trained on providing Air Solutions; handling and deployment of air instruments. She has handled technical queries, provided sampling plans and conducted field inspections for 400+ companies. She has worked on research projects like Determination of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and its impact on health. She is also involved in the making of IAQM plans and Indoor Air Quality Checklists in line with OSHA regulations.





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