Do It Yourself Kit #3

How to apply for GAP Audit using FLRS?

GAP Audits are essential to understand the current level of compliance with FSSAI and bridge the gaps.

With our comprehensive DIY Registration kit, understanding GAP Audits has never been easy!

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The DIY Kit comprises of step by step how-to videos & resources for:

Nature of Business Activity

Document checklist to keep track of documents


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Why you need the DIY Kit

  • These videos pin point specific gaps in the present system

  • Gives you an objective understanding of the way forward

  • You can get an expert guidance in filling the Gaps and Compliance to the Food Safety Law

  • Plan of Action Points becomes easier for you

  • You can compare it with the FSSA Standards.


This Do-it-Yourself kit comprises of these Modules to guide you to understand the GAP Audits in your food business:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DIY Kit available lifelong?

Yes, of course. Once you have subscribed to our Do-it-Yourself kit, you can access it any time you want.

Can I share this video?

Absolutely not. This video course is private and confidential. It should not be shared with anyone else.

Are there any more courses I can subscribe to?

Yes. Depending on your business type, you can choose from DIY Kits for courses such as – Product Approval Validation, Product Approval Application, Food Safety Management System, Registration, Licensing, and Label Validation.


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